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Congratulations Advanced Women's Ensemble for school year 2016 2017.


  • Annett Avila-Suastegui
    Ashley Bailey
    Chanler Baker
    Addie Band
    Keira Beckdol
    Mayah Bloch
    Megan Burkoski
    Erika Byrd
    Caitlyn Capozio
    Grayson Carey
    Destoni Carter
    Haley Cathey
    Tessa Closs
    Dayna Cocciolone
    Loren Cocciolone
    Lindsey Cox
    Destaniee Davis
    Alyssa Fediiuk
    Elizabeth Galloway
    Anayeli Garcia
    Zuriel Gil-Badillo
    Micheala Glover
    Olivia Gnall
    Brandy Hall
    Kyra Hall
    Alexis Hamlet
    Savannah Hamrick
    Alyssa Hancock
    Ashley Heidbreder
    Cassidy Hinnant
    Gracie Holding
    Jaliyah Hunter-Coats
    Alyssa Johnson
    Asya Johnson
    Diavione Johnson
    Tiffani Johnson
    Susan Jones
    Aiyanna King-Johnson
    Alyssa Klaess
    Ruby Knight
    Seraiah Lambert
    Sa'Niya Lloyd
    Daneija Lopes
    Judorcia Madingou
    Courtney Martinez
    Angel Mayo
    Meikala Nichol
    Precious Onyeabo
    Jessica Pee-Leuk
    Caitlyn Phillips
    Zykia Rhodes
    Erine Reed
    Annie Rombach
    Isabelle Slater
    Genita Smith
    Katie Stallings
    June Uy
    Estefany Valencia-Benitez
    Jachell Wood


Director's Bio - Ms. Leah Godfrey

Leah Godfrey is a Garner Magnet High School alumna and grateful for the wonderful opportunity to teach in her old high school.  After graduating from GMHS, Ms. Godfrey began studying Vocal Music at the University of North Carolina at Chapel hill.  Upon completion of her Bachelor of Music degree, Ms. Godfrey became a graduate student at UNC Chapel Hill to complete her Masters of Arts in Teaching.  She received her teaching license in the same year.  Her first teaching job was at a high school in another county.  She is delighted to be a Garner Trojan once again and be a part of the very program that directly contributed to her love of choral music.

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GMHS Choral Videos

Die Meistersingers  Die Meistersingers
2015 Baccalaureate
"Homeward Bound"

Die Meistersingers Men
2015 Spring Concert
"Nearer My God To Thee"

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We encourage you to join in supporting the GMHS Chorus Program through our Choral Arts Patrons Program. Sponsorships are available in many amounts; all amounts can be credited to the full program or designated students. To sponsor the chorus, fill out a Choral Arts Patron Order Form and make your check  payable to GMHS Choral Boosters.  

Please send the form along with the check to the following:

GMHS Choral Department, c/o  Leah Godfrey
Garner Magnet High School
2101 Spring Drive
Garner, NC 27592

For more information contact Angie Mumford.