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The GMHS Choral Department has been seen as a formal fine arts department for many decades.  Students are asked to sing collegiate level music and therefore deserve to feel as though they are performing at the collegiate level.  Our concert attire is required so that all students performing together feel a part of our successful group.  In this section you will learn what is and is not proper concert attire including Savvi formalwear information.

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  1. Respect for people and property should always be shown.
  2. Cell phones will not be used or be charged during class at any time.
  3. Restrooms will not be used during class unless it's an emergency.
  4. Students should have their music folder and be in their seat before the tardy bell rings.
  5. Students entering the room after the tardy bell must sign in.
  6. Pencil and paper should always be available in music folder.
  7. Chewing gum is not allowed during class.
  8. Water bottles, however are highly encouraged during all rehearsals.

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All student members of GMHS Choral Department are eligible to earn a choir letter and pins.  Points are given to each choir member for participation in various choir activities.  Accumulation begins in the 9th grade and continues through the 12th grade.  The director keeps a folder containing all point totals. At any time, a student may look at his/her point totals.

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The Choral Music Obligation/Fair Share is the amount per student it takes to meet the Choral Booster Budget for the entire school year. The state does not fully fund our needs as a fine arts department and therefore this budget is necessary in order to provide quality experiences for every choral student at GMHS. This budget goes towards needs such as: bus drivers, activity buses, music copies, folders, equipment, professional development for the director, space rental for concerts, accompanist fees, etc. This year’s Fair Share is $80 per student.  

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