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  1. Respect for people and property should always be shown.
  2. Cell phones will not be used or be charged during class at any time.
  3. Restrooms will not be used during class unless it's an emergency.
  4. Students should have their music folder and be in their seat before the tardy bell rings.
  5. Students entering the room after the tardy bell must sign in.
  6. Pencil and paper should always be available in music folder.
  7. Chewing gum is not allowed during class.
  8. Water bottles, however are highly encouraged during all rehearsals.
  • Upon entering the classroom, leave your book bags, purses, and other belongings in the “library” area of the room.

  • Be seated with your folder and a pencil when the tardy bell rings. You are tardy if you are anywhere other than your assigned seat when the tardy bell rings.

  • Always be professional. Whether you are in this room, elsewhere in this school, community, your role as a member of this organization make you an ambassador to GMHS. This is an honor, which by registering for chorus, you agree to accept.

  • “Leave your day at the door.” Chorus class is not a place for outside problems, gossip, or a defeatist attitude. This is a team atmosphere. Our common goals may only be accomplished when we are all striving 100% with great attitudes. Forget the problems of the world for 90 minutes and let’s make music.

  • According to the school rules and the policy of this classroom, all edible items are to be consumed elsewhere. Such items include, but at not limited to: food, beverage, gum and candy. You may have bottles of water.

  • “’Good Enough’ is never good enough.” What are my expectations of you? I only expect your best. Thinking that an effort is “good enough.” If it is not your best is not good enough.

  • Think musically. Good musicians are prepared, punctual, and think two steps ahead all the time. Musicians are muti-taskers. Musicians take care of their instruments, which in our case, is our voice. Making music is more than notes on a page. It is up to you to make each piece come alive.

  • Each student will be required to purchase a small spiral bound notebook to keep in class each day for the MYP Developmental Workbook. Students will write entries and reflect throughout the year on their growth as an artist.

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