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Throughout the course of the school year, choral students will strengthen their skills in the following areas:

  1. Count and perform rhythms in simple and compound meters.
  2. Identify notes on the staff in treble and bass clefs.
  3. Identify solfege syllables in an exercise when given “do.”
  4. Perform a major scale using solfege syllables, hand signs, and with numbers.
  5. Perform sight reading exercises with others (in unison, in 2 parts, etc.)
  6. Perform a variety of music in a historically and stylistically correct manner.
  7. Have a working musical vocabulary including, but not limited to vocabulary related to rhythm, notation, dynamics, and tempo.
  8. Exemplify proper choral technique with regard to posture and vocal production.

Assessments (formal and informal) will be given throughout the year in order to see how students are growing:

Formal assessments

  • Mid-Term Exam (written)
  • Final Exam (solo performance)
  • Winter and Spring Concerts

Informal assessments

  • Small group sightreading quizzes
  • Folder checks
  • Music critiques in class (written)

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