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All student members of GMHS Choral Department are eligible to earn a choir letter and pins.  Points are given to each choir member for participation in various choir activities.  Accumulation begins in the 9th grade and continues through the 12th grade.  The director keeps a folder containing all point totals. At any time, a student may look at his/her point totals.

All reports and documentation for points must be turned in no later than March 16, 2015

The awards are as follows:



Point   Value

Choir Letter

650 points

Bronze Pin

1350 points

Silver Pin

2050 points

Gold Pin

2750 points

Honor Pin

3450 points

Reversed Letter

4150 points



Points are earned in the following ways:


Maximum Points

Membership in one or more of the choral groups

75 points (25 pts per group per year)

Rehearsal Attendance (daily and evening)

180-220 points (1 pt each)

*Note- Negative points may be given

Participation in choral performances

200-250 points (10 pts per performance)

*Note- Negative points may be given

Choir Office Help

50 points (50 pts per year)

Spring Musical Involvement

(Major, Minor, or Supporting Role)

50-100 points

Recruiting new choir members

(Must be documented)

Unlimited points(50 pts per member)

Concert attendance other than GMHS Choral Concerts. A critique of each concert must be turned   in with the concert program in order to receive credit. Please include specific and general remarks   about content

Unlimited points (10 pts each concert)

Involvement in community performance

(This may include special church related performances, but may not   include regular Sunday performances.)

Unlimited points (10 pts each performance)

Private Study (Vocal or Instrumental)

150 points (5 pts per lesson)

Extra Effort

80 points (20 pts per quarter)

Music tests – Mid-term and Final Exams

120 points

(Below 70 = 0 pts; 70-79 = 5 pts; 80-89 = 15 pts; 90-100 = 30 pts

Other (Director’s discretion)

Point amount to be determined by Director



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