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The Choral Music Obligation/Fair Share is the amount per student it takes to meet the Choral Booster Budget for the entire school year. The state does not fully fund our needs as a fine arts department and therefore this budget is necessary in order to provide quality experiences for every choral student at GMHS. This budget goes towards needs such as: bus drivers, activity buses, music copies, folders, equipment, professional development for the director, space rental for concerts, accompanist fees, etc. This year’s Fair Share is $80 per student.  

Students have the opportunity to earn all of their obligation through fundraisers, or they may pay it all at the beginning of the year.  Students will be credited 100% of their individual profits from each fundraiser in which they choose to participate until they have reached $80 and their balance is $0.

Once students have fulfilled their obligations, they may continue to fundraise if they wish.  These funds can help toward individual trips and activities or go toward the general choral fund for equipment and music. Students may accumulate money in their accounts for each year they remain in Chorus, so that extra money will carry over from year to year.

Students are responsible for meeting their own obligations.  This program is designed so that no student should have to pay out of his or her own pockets, nor should parents have to financially subsidize their child’s choral experience.  No fundraiser is mandatory. A student or parent may pay an obligation. 

The best way to accumulate the most profit is through PATRONS.  Students will receive 100% of patron monies toward the fulfillment of their obligations. You may download the Choral Patron Form from our website to use. All patron donations are tax deductible. 

Obligation/Fair Share accounts for every student should be fulfilled by December 5, 2014.

1st fundraiser is our Pancake Breakfast - September 27, 2014

2nd fundraiser is selling fruit. The kick-off is scheduled for Oct. 2-3, 2014

3rd fundraiser is selling Christmas trees, wreaths, & garland. It’s kick-off date is Oct 30-31, 2014

More details of each fundraiser will be available closer to each kick-off date.

All transactions through the Booster Club should be made by check so that there is a traceable record of every transaction.

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